Developer update: May 28, 2020

We’re back with another update. Earlier this week we put out a video where we mentioned that we’re shifting our attention towards delivering bigger builds that take a bit more time to prepare. We’re working to deliver the first of those builds tomorrow, but we have one more high-priority fix to make first. If we can’t resolve it before tomorrow, we’ll keep pushing to get the build out as quickly as we can, even if it means shipping it over the weekend.

What’s in the build?

We’re focusing our efforts on the areas where we’re seeing the most unified feedback from our players. For example, this build will include a change to make the scoreboard viewable during matches, an update to Ajonah’s reticle to indicate whether something is in range of her Grappling Hook, and some improvements to the way the ping system operates: showing the ping at the location of the first button-press, updating the way ping options are displayed in the contextual ping wheel so it’s more intuitive, and some general bug fixes.


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