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Crucible Game: Team Multiplayer Shooter by Amazon

Crucible is a team-based multiplayer shooter in a futuristic sci-fi setting, with various classes of fighters and constantly changing battle conditions. It’s one of the first games presented by Amazon as an independent developer. Download Crucible on PC for free and give it some time to feel it!

Graphics (4/5)

It’s a third-person 3D action in a fantastic setting, in a world where hi tech devices and prehistorical monsters meet. Though the designers spared no color and brightness, you still notice some awkwardness when it comes to moves. Some ideas (like seeing the silhouettes of your mates through obstacles) may be story-based, though, in fact, they are here just to visually fit the gameplay. Still, the game deserves a second look after it receives several patches. Now it’s about 15 GB, probably the size of Crucible download PC version will grow.

Gameplay (4/5)

It’s a team-based shooter where you play as a fighter on a strange planet where blue crystals named essence are produced. This essence is so precious that it causes competition between corporations. As you complete your missions, you run into your natural enemies (monster hives, dinosaur-like beasts) as well as into your rivals, another team of miners-fighters.

There are powerups you can use, like medical kits and energy boosters. You can upgrade your ammunition and weapons right during the game. Any type of fighter you select has their own special abilities.

The game is free to play. Those willing to pay can get special outfits and accessories, but they give no advantage. This is obviously borrowed from Battle Royale projects that prosper on this.

Controls (5/5)

Though there is only Crucible PC version, it supports both gamepads and keyboard-and-mouse setup (no auto aiming, if you meant that). Some menu elements still require mouse or keys, but, as you’re in the game, the gamepad does all the work. Before you enter, there is a mandatory tutorial showing you how to play Crucible. 

Replay Value (4/5)

Most multiplayer projects like this require many matches to master. Even if you’re not new to controls and the idea, you will find it interesting to explore this world. On the other hand, so far, the game is raw yet, being inferior to many more polished projects. Try to play Crucible, though; the game may change dramatically in months.


Crucible game download is worth your try if you’re into multiplayer action. This Crucible game review, though, is written the day after its release, and so far it has many flaws that must be fixed in upcoming updates. We’d recommend you return to it after a while, even if you get disappointed the first time you play it.


  • Easy to learn
  • Spectacular futuristic settings
  • Various controls supported
  • Many players constantly online
  •  Free to play, no advantage if you pay


  • Graphical flaws still present
  • The gameplay is far from original
  • There is only Crucible download for PC


  • How to download Crucible on PC?
    The game is DRM-protected, so there is no standalone Crucible installer. But you can enjoy Crucible free download on Steam. It’s available since May 20, 2020.
  • Are there many players online?
    The game is rather new; on the other hand, there are so many Crucible downloads on the first day that hardly you will have to wait long till the party is ready.
  • Is there Crucible free version for mobile devices or consoles?
    So far, there is only Crucible PC download. Probably later, it will be introduced for other platforms; but the developer will announce it first.